• CATS-Car Anti-Theft Solution

It’s just like parking your car in your pocket

‘CATS’ is a product of Ciencia Technologies, which was launched after months of research and development with the sole aim to provide concerns with the state of the art vehicle security services economically, without compromising on the quality of service or technology thereby providing maximum value for money simultaneously revolutionizing the overall experience.

It works on Proximity Sensor Technology where Automobile owner is provided with a Proximity Fob which can be camouflaged as USB, Finger Ring, Watch, Pen, Bracelet or a Key Chain. The car cannot be switched on until the pre-configured Proximity Fob is used.

Complete peace of mind with CATS Automobile Security System
Not Affected by GSM Jammers
An Independent intelligent unit that can also be used with any tracking device


ü  CATS  provides a two way security system.

ü  CATS activates automatically whenever any door of the car is opened (which is a must for anyone to drive the car).

ü  The car owner is provided with 2 USB Fobs (multiple camouflage options available for disguise).

ü  Driver has to bring the fob in proximity with an invisible location to start the car, without which the car will not start.

ü  Even in case of snatching with the engine started, once the door is opened, the engine will automatically stop after 1 minute (time is adjustable).

ü  No engines bypass option, No direct starting option.

ü  Works even when Jammers are applied.


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CATS-Car Anti-Theft Solution

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