About Us

CienShop is the online store managed by Ciencia Technologies (Private) Ltd. Incorporated since 2012, Ciencia Technologies (Private) Limited is a company providing Innovative Technology Solutions to end users of all sectors, offering unmatched personal service and customized capabilities. We are a strong group of highly experienced people in fields of IT, Electronics, Software Engineering and Management Sciences. The services include Information Technology Solutions, Software, Electronic Gadgets, and Management Consultancy using the relevant Sciences, that’s why named Ciencia which means Science

Information Systems industry has been marking extraordinary progress by every passing day. This has noticed an ever increasing business activity in areas of information infrastructure and business intelligence. Related services have also registered a marked presence to meet the continually evolving needs of information and intelligence by individuals and businesses alike. Ciencia Technologies (Pvt) Limited has been formed to address the growing needs of automation by all sectors.

We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers by keeping them informed by automation. Just a single call to us will resolve your company IT concerns, both now and in the future, as you grow. Our professional team is committed to helping you support your business objectives by implementing IT solutions

Our Mission

It is our mission to transfer the benefits of ever advancing Science and Technology to the end user by giving cost-effective solutions.